VK3PY discussing multimeter theory

The Geelong Amateur Radio Club can help you obtain your Amateur Operators license or help you upgrade your Foundation or Standard license.

Foundation training

Classes start at 7:00pm and are run as the need arises. We can provide you with the Official WIA foundation training manual as well as practical training to make sure you’re well and truly prepared for your foundation assessment.

Standard and Advanced Courses

Whilst we do not hold standard or advanced classes at the GARC we have an association with the Radio & Electronics School. Through the years many amateur operators have successfully completed correspondence courses with the RES and gained their qualifications.

We have a number of members that act as facilitators for the RES and if you like you can ask the RES if a GARC facilitator is available. We also have a number of members at the club that can help you on a casual basis if you want to talk to someone face to face regarding your training.

 Your assessment.

Once you’ve finished your study we can arrange for you to sit your exam here at our clubrooms as long as you give us two to four weeks notice. This time is required to ensure we have staff and assessment papers available.

If you are new to the hobby, regardless of the level of license you want to attain you will need to sit a practical assessment. This pass mark for this exam is 100%. If you choose to sit your exams at the GARC we will ask you to attend the club at least twice before you sit your exam to make sure that you know exactly what is required.

After the assessment we send all your paperwork and applications to the WIA for processing. It takes around six week for the WIA then the ACMA to process your paperwork and advise you of your new call sign.


The club does not charge for training although in some cases there may be some small costs related to provision of training materials such as print outs etc. When you sit your assessment the club will collect fees for the WIA and ACMA. These fees cover the assessment as well as license application or license upgrade.

Foundation exam 1 $70 (under 18 – $35)
Standard theory exam $70 (under 18 – $35)
Advanced theory exam $70 (under 18 – $35)
Regulation exam for Standard & Advanced only $70 (under 18 – $35)
Practical exam 2 $70 (under 18 – $35)
Application for next available call sign $5
Application for specific call sign $20
Annual license fee (all grades) $74
License fee variation (upgrade) $49

1  The foundation assessment includes the regulation and practical exam.
2  First time licensees regardless of grade must complete the practical assessment.

An annual license fee is payable to the ACMA. They will also charge a variation fee if transitioning from an existing license grade.

Please contact our Training Coordinator for further details.