Geelong Amateur Radio Club

The Geelong Amateur Radio Club Inc. (“GARC”) was formed in 1948 for the purpose of promoting amateur radio.

The Club continues to welcome all who have an interest in this fascinating and unique hobby.

WHEN do we meet?

The club is open every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30pm to 4:00pm and every Friday evening from 6:30pm.

All technical talks and activities start at 8.00pm on Friday evening unless otherwise stated in the Syllabus.

WHERE do we meet?

The Clubrooms are located at:
Storrer St. East Geelong

(See the Contact Us page for a map)

WHAT DO WE DO when we meet?

Our meetings generally concentrate on amateur radio and frequently include member and guest speakers on a range of topics. There is always something interesting happening at the GARC and visitors are always welcome.

The fifth Friday of a month (where occurring) is set aside for a social activity and a surplus gear auction.

The Geelong Amateur Radio Club uses and endorses quality Australian made TET-Emtron antennas