The GARC members share their knowledge by presenting items of interest each week. These presentations last between 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes it’s a technical presentation, sometimes general interest or an item of historical significance.

There is always something interesting happening at the GARC and visitors are always welcome. The club is open every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30pm to 4:00pm and every Friday evening from 6:30pm. All technical talks and activities start at 8.00pm on Friday evening unless otherwise stated in the Syllabus.

Events scheduled for the coming six months

Fri, 24th Aug 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 31st Aug 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 7th Sep 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 14th Sep 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 21st Sep 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 28th Sep 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 5th Oct 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 12th Oct 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 19th Oct 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 26th Oct 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 2nd Nov 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 9th Nov 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 16th Nov 20:00 TBA:

Events you’ve missed in the last few months

TALK: "Waste to Energy" - Graeme Mitchell
PRAC: Workshop Night (cm7)
TALK: "Whingeing about Whine."-(alternator interference a case study) Cal 3ZPK
5th FRIDAY: BBQ & Auction
SOLSTICE DINNER: Sir Charles Hotham Hotel. Please advise Alan 3LCD if attending. Avge Cost $24.50
PRAC: Workshop Night (cm7)
TALK: Physiological & Neuro-Phychological effects of Long Distance Space Flights.- Barry VK3SY
TALK: South Channel Fort Dxpedition. - Lee,Don,Gerhard & Cal.