The GARC members share their knowledge by presenting items of interest each week. These presentations last between 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes it’s a technical presentation, sometimes general interest or an item of historical significance.

There is always something interesting happening at the GARC and visitors are always welcome. The club is open every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30pm to 4:00pm and every Friday evening from 6:30pm. All technical talks and activities start at 8.00pm on Friday evening unless otherwise stated in the Syllabus.

Events scheduled for the coming six months

Fri, 22nd Dec 20:00 Holiday Schedule
Fri, 29th Dec 20:00 Holiday Schedule
Fri, 5th Jan 20:00 Holiday Schedule
Fri, 12th Jan 20:00 Holiday Schedule
Fri, 19th Jan 20:00 Holiday Schedule
Fri, 26th Jan 20:00 Holiday Schedule
Fri, 2nd Feb 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 9th Feb 20:00 TALK: Catching Blackbeard - Bert VK3TU date to be confirmed
Fri, 16th Feb 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 23rd Feb 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 2nd Mar 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 9th Mar 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 16th Mar 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 23rd Mar 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 30th Mar 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 6th Apr 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 13th Apr 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 20th Apr 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 27th Apr 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 4th May 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 11th May 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 18th May 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 25th May 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 1st Jun 20:00 GENERAL MEETING:
Fri, 8th Jun 20:00 TBA:
Fri, 15th Jun 20:00 TBA:

Events you’ve missed in the last few months

GARC in the PARK - Christmas breakup for members and spouses. Venue: Eastern Gardens near rotunda (BYO salad, drinks and bread - GARC supply meat and BBQ)
TALK: Background to Power Blackouts this summer. - Don VK3BIG
TALK: 'Finishing 2017 with the Ruusunen's from Finland (OH)'. - Anu Ruusunen
TALK: Michael Ossman on Youth and Amateur Radio - Lee VK3PK
TALK: Oceania review - Lou VK3ALB
All in Night. Tall Stories - True Stories & Anecdotes - Members
TALK: The South Channel Fort (A GARC Co-op Project?) - Marita Batna
TALK: Back to basics;1st in the series,"Octulators." - Lee VK3PK
Natter Night "Recovery from Oceania" General Chatter and Fun Night.
On Air: Oceania DX Contest"
On Air: Oceania DX Contest"
5th FRIDAY: BBQ & Auction
TALK: Show & Tell - what have you built?