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Repeaters & Beacons

The Geelong Amateur Radio Club maintains a number of repeaters in the area. We also maintain two beacons, and an IRLP node.

  • Repeater VK3RGL 147.000 MHz with 91.5Hz CTCSS
  • Repeater VK3RGC 147.125 MHz with 91.5Hz CTCSS and IRLP node 6572
  • Repeater VK3ROW 147.275 MHz with 91.5Hz CTCSS Off air for tower maintenance.
  • Repeater VK3RGL 439.500 MHz with 91.5Hz CTCSS and APCO P25
    (P25 service temporarily off air)
  • Repeater VK3RGC 439.575 MHz with 91.5Hz CTCSS and APCO P25
  • Beacon VK3RGL 144.530 MHz in QF22DC beaming W & NE
  • Beacon VK3RGL 432.530 MHz in QF22DC beaming alternately W & NE

P25 operators please use a NAC of 293 and ensure your radio ASTRO ID matches your ACMA Client ID. Additionally,  because VK3RGC is a mixed mode repeater we recommend you set your VK3RGC personality for mixed-mode receive.

Click on each callsign to see a repeater coverage maps. Our thanks to Bert VK3TU for giving his time and effort to create these maps.