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No postage or delivery service available, pick-up from our club rooms on Wednesdays or Fridays by prior arrangement.


RIG-MASTA – $50 (several available)

The original GARC RIG-MASTA used to control ICOM, Kenwood or Yaesu radios. A simple compact device that allows direct frequency entry via keypad. These brand new units are assembled and ready to go. Comes with an interface cable and instructions that explains how to program your favorite radio. Requires 2 x AA batteries.

RigMaster Manual

Unilab KL series 45W repeaters

We have a number of Unilab KL series repeaters in working order designed for 70MHz, 450MHz and 850MHz.Sorry, we do not have any VHF repeaters.

These would make a good club repeater or bomb proof base station transceiver with the addition of a change-over relay. The 70MHz units can be converted to 6m while the 850MHz units are good for parts only including a substantial heat sink. We know one resourceful ham that has built his 70cm power amplifier into one of these cases.

70MHz repeaters are $30

450MHz repeaters are $30

850MHz repeaters are only $20

Download service manuals here

VHF FSK Data Transmitter

VHF FSK data transmitter. These transmitters are built like a battleship and will transmit at a full 100W 24×7 off a 24V DC supply if required. They have an external 10MHz reference input as well as an on-board TCXO and TTL level PTT and FSK keying inputs which makes them ideal for use as standalone or GPS locked 2m beacons with no modification. These are the same transmitters that are in use for the Mt Anakie and Mildura beacons. Application notes and data on how to get them to air available on acquisition.


VK3TU Yaesu breakout board – $20 (blank PCB only)

As described in AR May 2015 this board connects to your Yaesu FT857/897 and allows you to switch to four different antennas simply by changing bands. It also has provision for preamp power (VHF/UHF) and external linear control.

Download the construction manual here.